UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)

We provide a total solution to meet clients Mapping and Modelling needs from our offices throughout New Zealand, utilising the latest UAV technology. We employ a commercial pilot with over 1,700 hours flight time, we have flown in areas where other operators have been unable to obtain flight clearance. This, plus having a full CAA assessment and endorsement ensures that Civil Solutionz's clients can be assured that the operation is planned and executed safely, not putting the public and/or the principal at risk.


With the use of photogrammetric data and advanced surveying techniques we can provide two dimensional and three dimensional information in the form of images, TINs and point clouds, these provide great information great use to site engineers, managers, quantity surveyors and other construction professionals.


The data provides an irrefutable record of progress on site, and forms the basis for very accurate volume reporting, which can easily be passed on to other parties for independent verification. An entire project can easily be measured in one single snap shot and surface models created.


For larger site we can use our fixed wing UAV that was built and designed by C-Astral and has a Lockheed Martin guidance system.


Working in tight area's or smaller site we can utilise our Multi-Rotor by Aeronavics UAV.



Benefits of using a UAV

  • Safety

 No personal near operational plant
 No personal exposed to rock fall / slip hazards
 No equipment set up in operational area

  • Quality

 Snap shot of stock at time of flight
 Incredible detail of “messy stock-piles”

  • Productivity

 Site remains 100% fully operational
 Planning tool for development, as entire site is mapped
 High quality photos for planning, and record keeping



UAV Applications:


  • Farm Mapping
  • High-Resolution Photos
  • Progress Photos for Marketing
  • Environmental Compliance Recording (site coverage)
  • Work Progress Monitoring - Construction Sites
  • Volume Reporting
  • Real estate Images



Construction Surveyors for Construction Professionals






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