About Us


Civil Solutionz Employees have a vast amount of experience and expertise using a full range of the latest equipment. 

Civil Solutionz uses Trimble GPS Base and Rovers also Trimble IBase VRS all running the latest software and also two Trimble Digital Levels along with a variety of Trimble Robotic Total Stations.

We have a close relationship with New Zealand's leading Survey Equipment Suppliers, to ensure Civil Solutionz is using the most efficient equipment and software for the success of your projects and to minimize your costs.  We also have a sound knowledge of other systems and have access to these should the need arise.


The Civil Solutionz management team, are all Site Safe Civil Passport Holders, with current First Aid Certificates and come from a contracting background. This background enables staff to communicate very easily and clearly with our clients, and to provide the service which they require. 

We also have proven Project Management skills and have been involved in the management of small Civil Projects through to Multi-Million-Dollar Civil Projects both National and International.


Civil Solutionz have Trimble S6 and S3 latest generation fully Robotic Total Stations with built in GPS and reflector-less technology. This instrument will easily measure inaccessible points to millimeter accuracy ideal for quarry faces where access is difficult or dangerous. This reduces the risk of accidents on site. This combined with our continuous survey vehicles are ideal on busy roads as pick up can be completed safely with out the need for personnel to be on the road or the expense of traffic control.


We also have Trimble R6, R8 and R10 GPS recievers that can be used independently or as base and rover setups.


All of our equipment uses the same controllers and software enabling change over between GPS, conventional and contact-less surveying to be a seamless transition from field to office reducing processing time.

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 Christchurch: 03 351 1115 | Auckland: 027 354 6466 | Wanaka: 03 443 4030